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Why Invest in Camacol?:
CAMACOL is made up of a unique mixture of X,000 businesses, Economic Development Organizations, Trade Promotional Organization, National and International Chambers of Commerce, including world-renowned Fortune 500 in Florida and International companies, as well as, smaller start-up firms. Our members come from a wide range of industries and fields, from high-tech manufacturing to professional services. CAMACOL is committed to providing our members with expanded opportunities to connect with other business leaders and help support the business community and the region.

Promoting an Open Advocacy Platform
Camacol will promote the development of and open Public (Government)–Private (Business) forum of collaboration by promoting a favorable business platform for our membership, community leaders and local and international business organizations while providing advocacy for improvement of the economy and quality of life.

Make Connection and Gain Visibility
CAMACOL members are encouraged to participate in our networking events and leadership opportunities. Florida business leaders support CAMACOL and its activities through involvement in industry-specific leadership councils, which actively contribute to the growth of existing companies, and bring new companies to the South Florida area. Board of Advisor members with industry expertise are eligible to join councils covering general economic development, global commerce, food and beverage, technology, and supply chain to name a few.

Access to Local, National and International Events
Through the event opportunities, CAMACOL leads the way in providing powerful networking opportunities with events, trade shows and programs designed to give businesses the tools to succeed.

Contribution and Access to Local and International Bilateral Trade and Investment opportunities in the Florida, Americas, Europe, and Asia
To build and promote Florida’s global competitiveness through advocacy, education, promotion and information. CAMACOL Hemispheric Congress, Hemispheric Secretarial, Enterprise Florida, US Dept. of Commerce Commercial Services, and many other Economic Development Organization will continue to promote and assist events and advocacy support work to create jobs through expansion of trade opportunities and investments in ports and international bilateral trade.

Access to Education and Business Resources
CAMACOL business resource council provides access to educational, business support tools for our business investors to lead them in the right direction as they navigate the complexities of growing their business. Fundamentals of finance, business development, legal regulations and social media are a few of the learning opportunities we assist our investors with adding to their business toolbox.

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CAMACOL is the largest and one of the oldest Hispanic business organizations in the State of Florida and one of the most influential minority business groups in the United States. For more than five decades, CAMACOL’s mission is to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of Florida’s Hispanic and minority communities, and as such, it conducts programs to strengthen local business activity, promote economic development, facilitate international commerce, and serve the civic needs of the community and state. Through its Hemispheric Congress, CAMACOL has provided businesses with the opportunity of establishing commercial linkages in the international marketplace for more than 38 years.