Growing Business in Doral.

CAMACOL’s Doral Initiative is truly innovative; outreaching to this dynamic city’s cutting edge opportunities and advantages, designed to benefit large and small businesses alike, and working with the City of Doral’s outstanding leadership, at the helm of which is Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez.

Take the time to enjoy this informative video and, should you need further information on how you and your business can benefit from “CAMACOL Doral”, please feel free to contact Mr. Pete de la Torre, our CAMACOL Doral CEO.

It is the mission of CAMACOL and our partners, to ensure that our business are provided with every possible opportunity to grow, expand and create jobs.

Joe Chi, President
The Latin Chamber of Commerce of the United States, CAMACOL

CAMACOL Doral Building


A covenant & unified partnership with The City of Doral serving the on-going needs of the business community. Fostering long term and sustainable economic growth.

To promote and enhance new business and job opportunities with relevant and timely programming & initiatives designed to support The Doral Business Community.

Core Values:
Integrity, commitment, hardwork, and innovation.


The Latin Chamber of Commerce of the United States, CAMACOL is the largest Hispanic business organization in the State of Florida and one of the most influential minority business groups in the United States.

For nearly five decades, CAMACOL’s mission is to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of Florida’s Hispanic and minority communities, and as such, it conducts programs to strengthen local business activity, promote economic development, facilitate international commerce, and serve the civic needs of the community and state.

Pete De La Torre: (CEO of CAMACOL Doral)
Pete de la Torre
“South Florida’s Business Development Partner” is a Business Development & Leadership Specialist, Motivational Speaker and Award-Winning Business Radio Talk Show Host.

Mr. De La Torre served as The Founding Executive Director of The Doral Business Council from early 2005 - 2011.

He was instrumental in over a 500% growth of the organization in membership and dollars, starting from a 45-member group to a membership base exceeding 700 members.

Mr. De La Torre is currently The Founder & President of The Business Forum Group an innovative, disruptive business enterprise that focuses on sustainable economic development and the growth of entrepreneurship.

Doral Businesses have been devasted with CoVid 19 and need a strong business organization working together with The City of Doral to support and assist them during their recovery & beyond.

Create and implement programming that is “Doral Centric” supporting the more than 12,000 businesses in the city. We will include a community outreach initiative partnering up with The Doral Community Coalition bringing together the residents and the business community to reinforce long term, sustainable economic growth .

Target the key industries who have been and continue to be the drivers of economic development & job creation along with support for emerging sectors.

Our efforts will focus on all the businesses in Doral and the Greater Doral Area.

Until the economy fully re-opens, our efforts will be on providing relevant & timely online programming utilizing the multitude of resources provided by Camacol and its strategic alliances.

Our plan is to host a monthly series of webinars created in partnership with The city’s economic coordinator and key city departments. As soon as the coast is clear, we will be hosting face to face gatherings once again at selected Doral venues including Doral’s Government Center.

During the month of September 2020, Camacol Doral and the City of Doral, are launching an end of year important series of Virtual Meetings designed to support small businesses and showcase the key industry sectors driving economic development in Doral and its surrounding areas. These programs will run from September – December 2020. Topics will include; Small business recovery post CoVid 19, hospitality, restaurants, international trade, real estate, healthcare and technology.