CAMACOL has the following Committees as part of its domestic/international business development initiatives and programs:

Hemispheric Congress

Joe Chi


Hemispheric Congress

José L. Barletta M.S.

Vice President


Italo Torrese

Softlanding Global

Medicine & Medical Services

Dr. Robert Gutierrez


Jose Barletta, M.S.

BarNews Research Group

Entrepreneurial Advocacy

Mayor Tomas Regalado

Honorary Chair


Alex Pereira

Sustainable Agriculture

Rafael Ubeda

Intl. Agro Solutions

Community Services & Outreach
CAMACOL Holiday Christmas Baskets

Pedro Mesa

Sedano's Supermarket

Education Committee

Frank Bolaños

Avant Garde Flex Academy

Energy and Environment

Dario Peruzzi

Senper Connect

Public Relations

Mercedes Chi

Social Media

Olga Lucia Solano

Arbitration Committee

Walter Luis Del Águila Cáceres

Del Águila - Abogados SAC

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