Façade Program


Façade Program

The Façade Program consists of a Government Grant Funds, managed by Camacol and The City of Miami. The grants are issued to qualifying businesses who have active licensing in the City of Miami. This program services the City of Miami Districts 3 and 4.

A business can be issued a money grant of funds up to $10,000, of which the participating business only pays up to 15% of the total contract amount.

Items which the Façade Program can help your small business include install new or replace existing windows and doors, install new or replace awnings, pressure clean/paint, install new or replace signs.

In doing this Camacol is helping the surrounding community to boost its look, and give the small businesses a chance to thrive and attract customers, thus boosting economy and creating jobs.

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See below for galleries of just a few of the many projects we have completed with more on the way.


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