Strengthening Ties

The program was created in 1987 to address the needs of Florida’s small and minority business community. This program serves to establish and strengthen ties between Florida’s export community and counterparts in the international trade arena throughout the Latin American and Caribbean Basin region, the European Union, Africa and the Orient.

To this effect, the program sponsors a wide variety of traditional and non traditional business development activities and initiatives which include; the CAMACOL web site, the promotion and dissemination of up-dated trade leads, outreach and referral services, technical and referral to sources of financial assistance, periodic seminars and workshops, business card exchanges and networking events, hosts and incubator center for export development, sponsors the Exhibition of Florida Export Products Florid Pavilion in conjunction with the with the Hemispheric Congress of Latin Chambers of Commerce and Industry, an international event which has been sponsored and coordinated by the Latin Chamber of Commerce, CAMACOL and the Florida Trade Program to serve Florida’s small and minority business community statewide.

The Florida Trade and Exhibition Center also sponsors and participates in trade and commercial missions, on-going and incoming, in accordance with Florida’s trade strategies.

Currently, this program is working diligently to foster support for innovative industries in Florida, such as film and entertainment. This initiative will bring new opportunities and will generate new sources of employment to the area.

Other CAMACOL’s Economic Development Initiatives

  • Creation of activities that foster job growth employment opportunities.
  • Commercial façade rehabilitation program.
  • Promote and participate in international Trade and economic/commercial development Activities.
  • Render economic and technical assistance to businesses.
  • Foster economic development initiatives.
  • Asses and assist small and minority businesses in the transition to the international trade sector, as well as provide comprehensive knowledge of the globalization process.
  • Provide the business community with the tools necessary mechanisms to compete in today’s marketplace.

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