Cultural Tourism Expo & Encounter with Asia - December 2022


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The South Florida Workforce Investment Board dba CareerSource South Florida is a public-private partnership that establishes state and federally funded workforce development and training policies for Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. The Business Services division is dedicated to the specific needs of the industry. Their incentives are tailored to meet those needs at no cost to local, national and international companies operating in South Florida.


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CareerSource South Florida Joins County Departments for Mayor's Career and Job Fair

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CAMACOL’s Doral Initiative is truly innovative; outreaching to this dynamic city’s cutting edge opportunities and advantages, designed to benefit large and small businesses alike, and working with the City of Doral’s outstanding leadership, at the helm of which is Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez.

Take the time to enjoy this informative video and, should you need further information on how you and your business can benefit from “CAMACOL Doral”, please feel free to contact Mr. Pete de la Torre, our CAMACOL Doral CEO.

It is the mission of CAMACOL and our partners, to ensure that our business are provided with every possible opportunity to grow, expand and create jobs.

Joe Chi, President
The Latin Chamber of Commerce of the United States, CAMACOL


The Miami International Cultural Tourism Expo & Encounter with Asia
An international boutique tourism and exhibition project to foster alternative and innovative tourism initiatives worldwide.

This initiative, which will be supported jointly by many international tourism organizations, including CAMACOL, GMCVB and Gold Pearl Culture Tourism Expo International Alliance; will be held at the state -of-the art Port of Miami Convention in early December 2022. Preliminary activities held throughout the year, will set the stage for the main event slated for December 2022, circumstances permitting.

The launch of this innovative expo in the post-pandemic era, will have significant impact. The organizing committee of the expo will be tasked with introducing the concept of the “META-VERSE” which will include "Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality" technology for tourism. The essence of this new and innovative expo will be produced through cloud exhibitions, cloud performances and cloud tourism technology. The aim is to grasp a greater amount of people to enjoy exotic experiences online, using virtual KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) to shorten geographical distances, and promote multicultural exchanges with the help of leading edge digital media technologies.

Important components of the projects the expo will create will be the production of a Brand Ambassador Competition. When selected, these brand ambassadors, will be charged with promoting scenery attractions, in tandem with Miami International Culture and Tourism Expo Image Global Ambassadors. To that end they will be selected through a competitive outreach process and will in turn recruit tourism project spokespersons. Working in tandem with online and offline travel anchorpersons from all over the world, they will promote Miami’s, Latin America’s, China's and Asia’s famous tourist attractions, cuisine, culture and history to the world. The objective will be to foster prosperous development of these global tourism markets in throughout these regions, in the post-epidemic era and contribute to the high-quality development of regional economies.

January 4, 2022
Latin American Chamber of Commerce

为推动迈阿密、拉美、中国旅游文化的融合发展,加强多元文化交流并扩大迈阿密及拉丁美洲旅游资源在亚洲市场的影响力,开拓中国市场。由拉美商会(CAMACOL)、大迈阿密区旅游局(GMCVB)、金珍珠文化旅游博览国际联盟等众多国际旅游机构组织以及工商企业共同发起的国际化精品旅游会展项目—迈阿密国际文化旅游博览会暨嘉年华,将于2022年12月上旬在迈阿密港会展中心举办。在后疫情时代推出该博览会有着特别的意义,博览会组委会将引入“元宇宙”的概念,并结合“AR/VR”技术,以云会展、云演艺、云导赏的方式打造新型博览会。让更多人在线上随主播赏异域风情,以科技助力拉近地理距离、推动多元文化的交流。近期将启动该博览会的主题项目之一:美丽为美景代言- 迈阿密国际文化旅游博览会形象大使全球征选大赛”,在全球征选旅游项目代言人及线上+线下的旅游主播。向世界宣传推介迈阿密、拉丁美洲、中国的著名旅游景区、美食、人文、历史等,在后疫情时代加速推动上述地区旅游市场的发展与繁荣,为区域经济高质量发展作出贡献。

2022年1月4日 拉美商会(CAMACOL)

New Research Shows Immigrants Play an Outsized Role in the Local Economy and Make Miami-Dade Thrive

Miami-Dade County and The Office of New Americans (ONA) released a new report providing key details on how immigrants power the local economy. While immigrants comprise most of Miami-Dade’s essential workers, critical during the pandemic, they will be key to economic recovery by playing a significant role in driving innovation and job growth. As of 2019, immigrants held 61.5% of STEM jobs and made up over 73 percent of Miami-Dade business owners, generating over $2.9 billion in business income.

Immigrants are a part of the heart of what makes Miami-Dade thrive. During the hardest times of the pandemic, immigrants kept our county running as essential farmworkers, healthcare workers, hospitality workers, and more, and will continue to power our economic recovery as entrepreneurs, workers, and consumers said County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava.

Read full report HERE!

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